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Stories & Customer Testimonials

"Paul's '72 Gran Torino Sport"

"Howard's '59 GMC Fleetside"

"Jim's '70 Monte Carlo SS 454"

"Dan's 1972 Plymouth Duster 340.  First time ever through an automatic carwash!"

"Wendy's '62 Impala convertible"

"1966 Cadillac Eldorado looking good as new!"

"2005 Maserat i- is this thing shiny, or what?"

"The Doc says 'My H1 won't fit anywhere else but Montrose Laserwash!'"

"Beth, Ruby, and Valley in the squeaky clean Tahoe (yes, Beth is actually driving!)"

"Our cars go nowhere else but Montrose Laserwash"

Angela and Dino

"Don't trust any other carwash with your Ferrari - Marty, 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello!"
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